Who we are and what we do!

Greg Roth, Founder and President

Greg Roth Founder and President
Greg started building web sites to share images and stories of his mountain biking adventures long before it was easy to send HTML formatted emails (think early 90's!). From there Greg's passion of all things web continued to grow, until it became a career. Greg holds a degree of Bachelors of Science Information Technology.

Ashley Roith Director of Graphic Design

Ashley Roth Director of Graphic Design and Digital Imaging
Ashley has followed in her fathers footsteps when it comes to the love of technology and the web! Fortunately Ashley inherited her mothers sense of style! Let Ashley work with to design a one of a kind logo or website that will have you standing out from your competitors! She is graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.

Robyne Roth Director of UI

Robyne Roth Director of Creative Design and User Interfaces (UI)
Robyne brings to your company award winning design and layouts. Robyne has been awarded many local and State awards for her unique designs and layouts. Your presence on the web is all about style! First impressions count! A user will generally know within a few seconds of visiting your website if you are a company they will do business with or not. Regardless of your skill set, a bad or ugly web design can sink you almost as fast as bad word-of-mouth. Ashley and Robyne will sit down with you one-on-one and come up with the best looking, most stylish web layout you can imagine! And we guarantee it!

Code Monkey

Ben Wood Director of Software Development (Code Monkey)
Ben can compose custom code like Mozart composing a symphony! If you can dream it, Ben can build it! No project is to big or to small for Ben. Ben's has written, from scratch, custom software for Digital Displays, 24hr automated kiosks, Point-of-Sale systems with full integration to companies like Cybersource and Wells Fargo. Ben holds degrees in Graphic Design as well as Bachelors of Science Information Technology, Ben is also a Sun/Oracle certified Java Developer.