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Community Service!

We understand that being a non-profit charitable organization that you may be in need of a website, but may lack the funding to have a professional website built. That's where we come in! Roth Bottom Web Services will donate our services to your non-profit, charitable organization!

We will highlight the mission of your nonprofit organization with a free website. Simplicity is key for a nonprofit website which will help attract donors and volunteers and allows your visitors to learn about your organization.

Here's what we'll do:

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A Free Custom Website
A website that presents the purpose of your nonprofit organization. A simple design that highlights the mission and objectives of the organization. The only cost to you is domain registration and website hosting. This can be as inexpensive as $12.00 a year!

A Donor Friendly Website
We will setup a collect donations form on the website.

A Content Section
Keep your visitor informed and boost your search engine optimization efforts.

Content Training!
We will show you and your employees/volunteers how to easily keep the content section of your website update! Keeping your content fresh will keep search engins like Google, Bing and Yahoo coming back to your site, and directing visitors to your site!

Once a quarter we will select a charitable organization to help out. If you would like to have your organization considered, please contact us and tell us about your organization and how your organization will benefit from an update or new website!